About authorization

Running Reason with internet verification

When you launch Reason, you can choose to enter your Reason Studios username and password. Reason will then connect to the Reason Studios server and run authorized with the license on your user account.

Note: For this to be possible, your Reason license must be registered. This is automatically done if you purchased Reason in the Reason Studios shop.

If you purchased a boxed version of Reason, you need to use the included license number and registration code to register Reason first.

Running Reason without an internet connection

If you want to use the program without an internet connection, it is also possible to authorize your computer (or write your license to an optional Ignition Key or Balance audio interface).

This is what you need to do:

  1. Download and run the Codemeter Installer.

    This may require that you restart your computer.

  2. Go to Authorize Computer and Keys, and select one of the options there.

    Once your licenses have been written to your computer (or Ignition Key hardware), Reason will run in authorized mode without asking for username and password.

    Note: You can authorize one computer at a time. If you need to switch to another computer, don't forget to deauthorize the current one first! This is done by going to the same Authorize Computer and Keys page again, this time selecting Deauthorize.

Running Reason in demo mode

It is also possible to run Reason without authorization. The program will then go into demo mode. In this mode, you can work as usual, without time restrictions - record, edit, mix and even save your work.

However, you cannot open songs in demo mode. To be able to open songs, you need to run Reason in authorized mode.