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All about Players

January 21, 2021


All about Players

You want a fast way to find inspiration for songs and parts that are uniquely yours. Working with Players in Reason is as quick and easy as using a drum or synth loop, but without adding elements to your music that have already been used in thousands of other songs out there.

Perhaps you’ve already tried Beat Map and understand the concept of a Player? Well, here are three more Players included in Reason. Discover them now and find your sound.

Scales & Chords
Always stay in key whatever note you hit on your keyboard. Or use one-finger chords to explore rich harmonic options that you might not have thought of.

Dual Arpeggio
Create flowing arpeggio lines with these two powerful polyphonic, pattern based arpeggiators combined in one powerful device. 

Note Echo
Explore pitch and time. Add instant strumming, glissandos, chord stabs, and much more to your songs.