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An end of an era

Posted Jan. 15, 2015, 2:05 p.m.

On January 22nd Propellerhead is closing our forums. When we shipped ReBirth in 1997 we were one of the first companies in the business to start up direct communication with our customers. Mind you, this was before the term “on-line community” even existed.

But that was eighteen years ago, eons in internet time. Since then communication on the internet has changed completely. When we started, the internet was a small, closed place for tech nerds. Now it’s where we live our daily digital lives. New social channels are popping up every day and there are now more ways to communicate with like-minded than any of us have the time to fully explore.

We as a company have changed too. Over the years we have increased our communication dramatically. We’re engaging in a non-stop flow of conversations through all the channels of today and constantly monitoring those of tomorrow. It’s easier to get hold of us and talk to us than it ever was, and we’re talking to more musicians now than we ever did.

2014 was the best year for Propellerhead so far. Reason 8 turned out to be the most successful version of the program that we have ever made, which we’re extremely grateful for. And we’re completely committed to continue creating even better incarnations of our existing products, over years to come. But we’re also growing and expanding our reach through new products and services. While we’re humbled and grateful that so many people have already chosen to use our products in their music making, we also want to invite many more new musicians to the party. People who have other ideas about what music making means than we had when we started this company. And moving forward we will encourage more communication, connection and conversations between musicians, both those who are already our customers and those who will be.

It’s time to take the discussion out of the kitchen and into the streets. Look up and meet the musicians of the world where they are.

Ernst Nathorst-Böös
CEO and Founder