My name is Iris and I am in eighth grade at Franska Skolan, I’ve been at Reason Studios doing my internship for nearly two weeks. Before coming here I barely knew anything about Reason software or making music digitally, during the internship I have, for example, got to try out working in Reason and tried making a cover for a soundpack which I’ll both go into more detail about later on.

For example, the first day I was here I got to meet most of the people I would be working with. I got started with setting up the computer I have been using and downloading all the programs I used, like Reason 12, Photoshop and Sketch. I’ve never used any of these before so learning and playing around in Photoshop was quite a fun activity. I got some information about a soundpack cover I would be making and got started on brainstorming ideas and finding pictures to use after looking at the covers of released soundpacks. The second and third day I continued making different variants of this cover. I got to work on my ipad where I could apply filters and edit out text in procreate. I mostly worked in photoshop and spent a lot of time trying to find a font I liked which took quite long. In the end I came up with four different ideas for the soundpack cover that I all enjoyed making. 




During my internship I’ve also gotten to experiment a bit in Reason following their Boostcamp tutorials. I sat in the music studio at the Reason office and worked on this. I really enjoyed this assignment and considering I have never worked in any program like this before, I was quite impressed with the fact I could even manage to make something in Reason. The end result wasn’t very good but nonetheless, I really enjoyed getting to play around in the program and test out the different instruments.



During this week, I’ve also worked on looking up similar companies to Reason Studios on social media to see what they have been doing to be able to give reason an idea of what appeals to the tiktok audience. I composed what I could find in a document. This assignment really gave me a better idea of how marketing to different age groups works, I found there was quite a big difference in how companies who were successful on, for example, tiktok marketed towards the younger audience versus how companies usually try to appeal to an audience. 


As well as the different work I have been assigned here I also did an interview for school with the CEO, Niklas. I found this quite enjoyable as it gave me a broader insight on what reason actually does as I’ve only seen some very small parts of it. During the interview I got to learn the different areas you can work in at Reason, and a little bit about what Niklas’s work is like. In the interview we talked about equality at Reason Studios and generally in the music industry which was something I wasn’t too familiar with and therefore was quite interesting to hear about. 


During my internship I’ve gotten to work with many quite different things and gained a wider understanding of what working can actually be like. As opposed to many of my friend’s internships, I think this was quite different since I was working in an office learning more about design, marketing and similar things, while most people I know worked in places where most of the work was, for example, stocking shelves or serving customers. Overall I’ve really enjoyed the assignments I did and have had fun being at Reason Studios for these ten days.