Here is a quick June-update on our roadmap. Lots of fun things happening! 

Hello from Superbooth! 

First of all I want to send a big thank you to all of you that came up and said hi at Superbooth in Berlin! Your passion and love for Reason truly warms our hearts and make Reason Studios so much more than just a job. A large group of us from all parts of Reason Studios were there to get inspired and meet friends. The only problem with Superbooth is that it finally pushed me over the line to think it’s not matter of if I should get into modular synths but when….

Making Reason the complete synth and effects rack for creative music production 

We are hard at work in making the Reason Rack the one stop shop for creative electronic music making, which means we continue to add new devices that ensure Reason music makers can be in the absolute forefront. And as you know, devices are something we spend a lot of effort on to make them unique and different from anything else on the market. 

As we mentioned previously, we were not satisfied with the original quality of Reason 12, so we spent the beginning of the year getting Reason 12 up to our usual quality standard. In April we were finally happy with the quality of Reason 12 and our internal benchmarks now show that it in all important aspects outperforms Reason 11 or at a minimum is on par with Reason 11.  

Having fixed the issues in Reason 12, we are now working full throttle on VST3 support. Our VST3 hosting can already load and play instruments and effects, but many refinements are left, and we are expecting it to reach your hands end of year. Reason M1 native support development will start off with threading optimisations we believe will affect performance and battery life positively for all platforms including non M1-macs.  

Pro sound designers sharing their knowledge with Reason+ sound packs  

If you are a Reason+ subscriber, you have access to a continuously growing bank of sound packs created by some of the best sound designers in the world. Together with the Combinator patches, the demo songs bring inspiration and insight into how pro producers design sounds in all kinds of genres. 

A great example of this is the Lo-Fi Pop sound pack created by the talented Séan Murray. I highly recommend you check it out!  

For a while we have wanted to make sound packs that push our devices to their limit in a way that’s difficult for an external sound designer just getting started with a new device to do. We are therefore excited to announce that we have started testing in-house production of sound packs. If you looked closely and squinted, maybe you noticed that a few of the BV-X sound packs have been made by our very own content team. Let us know if this is something you want to see more of!  

Development of offline support for Reason+ has started 

Reason+ continue growing quickly and is now the most popular way to use Reason 12. In fact, we expect Reason+ to be the most popular way to use Reason across all versions sometime later this year!  

The top feature request for Reason+ is offline support to allow usage in off grid studios, on live venues, while travelling or any other place with limited internet access. We are constructing a completely new offline mode to ensure maximum availability of Reason in case of any type of network unavailability. 

Reason 12 already has offline support, but our plan right now is to deliver the new solution as a free update to owners of Reason 12 as this is simpler and less intrusive than what we have today. 

Welcome Niklas Backlund (Robotic Bean)!

To keep up this high pace of development, we’re also excited to announce that Niklas Backlund, founder of Robotic Bean, has joined the team full-time. Most recently we worked with him on both Beat Map and Bassline Generator so having Niklas and his cutting-edge competence in music making and DSP here full-time is a great boost. Niklas will continue to run Robotic Bean, albeit in his spare time.  

Happy music making! 

 Niklas Agevik – CEO @ Reason Studios