With the introduction of Rack Extensions back in 2012, Reason Studios opened its doors to a vibrant ecosystem of talented developers who could bring their unique perspectives and creative approaches to the table. These developers, armed with their extensive knowledge and technical skills, craft mind-blowing instruments, effects, and utilities that seamlessly blend with Reason’s modular environment.

By integrating third-party plugins directly into the Reason Rack, you unlock a whole universe of sounds, effects, and production techniques. It’s like having a sonic playground at your fingertips! This seamless integration promotes a fluid workflow, allowing producers to stay in their creative flow without the distractions of jumping between different software environments. Often, just adding a new instrument or effect to the Reason Rack is the fastest way to spark some new ideas and music. It’s like—boom, instant inspiration!

We’ve curated an impressive collection featuring renowned brands like Korg and Rob Papen, alongside talented individuals who pour their heart and soul into their craft. Buying from these creators is not just a purchase—it’s a gesture of appreciation for their unwavering commitment to Reason.

Did you know?

  • We’re collaborating with over 115 incredible developers and you’ll find their fantastic Rack Extensions in the shop. Currently there are more than 800 Rack Extensions available—yeah, you heard right, 800!

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