Sound like you with Reason+

Today marks new era for Reason Studios as we introduce Reason+. On the surface you might say, well now I can get Reason software as a subscription. While that is true there’s whole lot more to it. Let’s dig in.

Reason+ is a service. That means when you subscribe you get:

  • Inspiring sound packs delivered weekly. Organized around themes like Neo-Soul, Beach Party, Cinetronica, Grime ‘n’ Garage and uses like Essential Guitar Effects, Trap Drums, Liquid Breaks, Pop Chord Progressions, Sound Packs will jump start your music making and lead you in new directions. People are amazed how much these unlock Reason and its devices, guiding you to create your sound. We’re starting out with a bunch of great packs of patches and intend on releasing ~10 packs a week.
  • All Reason Studios devices and any new ones we develop. Today that means 75 instruments, effects, and MIDI players, including the recently released Friktion and Pattern Mutator.
  • The latest up-to-date version of Reason software, both standalone DAW and Reason Rack Plugin for VST/AU/ AAX. No matter where or how you work, we got your back. All the new stuff we make you get access to immediately.
  • A new Reason+ companion application that manages your Reason life and lets you discover and install these new packs, Rack Extensions and Reason, too.

For us, the subscription means we’ll have to earn your loyalty every week and every month. You’ll get cool stuff faster. As we develop Reason, REs, content, we’ll just release it. If you need to take a break for vacation or whatever, then stop subscribing for a month or two. Collaborating? Your partner(s) can sign up for a month or two. Reason+ users know they’ll always have full access to our latest and greatest.

Don’t like subscriptions?
As excited as we are about Reason+, we understand that subscription services aren’t for everyone. If you want to buy a full Reason license outright, we’ll still offer it as a perpetual license purchase. To simplify our lineup we will discontinue Reason Intro and Reason Suite—the software will continue to function, and you will still be able to upgrade to the full version of Reason. All of our Rack Extensions will still be available a la carte in our Add-On Shop. REs will work in Reason and Reason+ forever, including the ones you already own.

So, what else are we up to?

  • There is a new synthesizer Rack Extension coming in March. You’ll be able to purchase it separately, and it’s of course also included as part of Reason+.
  • Yes, we are working on a major update to Reason to come later this year that will include high resolution graphics, workflow enhancements and some new devices, too. We’ll price it similarly to how we have before for the perpetual license owners. Reason+ subscribers gain immediate access upon release.

Want in on Reason+ right way?
The first month of Reason+ is free for anyone with no obligation or credit card down. And until 27 April all Reason and Reason Suite owners can purchase the 1-year plan for Reason+ for 50% off, giving you access to the above updates (including the synth and Reason upgrade) and new stuff when it arrive.

Try Reason+ now