Whether you want to sing, hum, make a groovy beat on your bus ride, or learn more about synthesizers and play on one of the world’s best synths on iOS — we now have an app for you!

With our apps we want people to capture their musical idea when inspiration strikes, or simply become inspired by playing with the music.

Do you have any questions about Figure and Take? Below I try to answer some of them. If you have more questions, don’t feel shy, just go to our forum and post your question.

So Propellerhead is taking on Figure and Take from Allihoopa?

Yes, we’ve acquired Figure and Take from the now defunct Allihoopa. We’re releasing them as Propellerhead apps and will be bringing them into the family of Propellerhead music making tools. Exciting, isn’t it?

Didn’t Propellerhead create them at one point?

Well, yes, we originally developed both Figure and Take. When Allihoopa split off from us, those apps went with them. After Allihoopa closed down, we couldn’t let those great music making apps die, so we brought them home to the Propellerhead family.

Are there changes to the apps?

Since the Allihoopa sharing service no longer exists, we had to remove dependencies to Allihoopa inside each app‚ e.g. no browsing Allihoopa or dropping to Allihoopa.  As we progress, we intend to fill some of these holes in other ways through a series of updates.

We’ve also asked users to sign up with a Propellerhead account, so we can keep you up to date as the apps grow and improve.

Do I have to do anything to get them?

If you have Figure and Take already on your iOS device, you can update them (if you don’t have auto-updates turned on for apps already). If you don’t own Take or Figure or have deleted them, just go to AppStore and download them. They are still free.

What about the Allihoopa service?

Unfortunately, the Allihoopa service remains closed. However, we are designing these apps to work as great stand alone music-making tools without the need for the Allihoopa service. We also have tricks up our sleeve on how to make them full members of the Propellerhead Reason family.

Do I use my Allihoopa account to sign in?

No, Allihoopa accounts have all gone away. If you have a Propellerhead account, you can log in with your existing Propellerhead username and password. If you don’t, you’ll be prompted to create an account when you launch the app.

What else do you have planned?

First and foremost, we just wanted to get Figure and Take out to you as soon as we could so you could get back to music-making.

We want to make the apps work well with our applications, so you can expect to see some updates that integrate Figure and Take better into Reason and the like. We plan to find ways to get you more sounds, backing tracks and inspiration directly in the apps. There are a bunch of other things coming as well, so stay tuned. Expect to see these changes roll out over the next few months.

I don’t own Figure or Take or iOS for that matter, is there anything me as a former Allihoopa user?

For everyone that has been using Allihoopa and do not already have a Reason license, we give away a free license of Reason Lite. Then you have the possibility to take your music further in our full-fledged music production tool for PC and Mac.

Happy music-making!

/Hanna, Mobile Product Manager