Reason 11 is coming in just a few weeks. The new Reason Rack Plugin stole most of the attention around the announcement, but Reason 11 is much more than that. Check our series of short-format videos to learn more about the other goodies in the coming version.

With Sweeper Modulation Effect in Phaser mode, you can easily create rhythmic resonating effects that will take your beats to another dimension in no-time.

A highly requested feature has been curved automation, it’s now coming in Reason 11. Smooth curves for smooth control!

In this example you see how you can add Sweeper to your synth pads to get some movement and motion.

Reason 11 brings  new updates to the sequencer. Draw multiple notes, make octave jumps with stroke of a key and get an easy overview in the piano roll when editing or playing your MIDI.


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