It’s not every day you get to deliver news that’s really good, but that’s also a bit tough to deliver.

Today we are announcing that we are closing the old authorization solution for offline usage of Reason 11 and earlier. Reason 12 has been worked on since 2020 and is still being worked on with 12.6 being released just a few weeks ago – making it the biggest change to the Reason codebase for a very long time. It has made Reason future-proof and easier for our dev team to add new features to. Since Reason 12 is such a big change to Reason it has also meant that the new authorisation solution can only work with Reason 12.

We know that focusing on Reason 12 and onwards and closing a 15-year authorization solution that has caused so much headache both for us and for the community is the right choice – but it’s also a tough one, because those of you not yet on Reason 12 will have to rely on online authorization only.

I won’t go into all the tech details of what this means, but if you want to dig deeper there’s a page here that goes into a bit more detail. The gist of it is that if you rely on Reason for your music, our strong recommendation is for you to be on Reason 12 absolutely latest from September. That’s why we also have a campaign launching today to give everyone the possibility to get on the Reason 12 train.

With Reason 12.6, Reason is in the best state it has been in for many years. With our dev team now no longer having to support old software, we can look forward and continue building on the music making capabilities of Reason. I hope you are as excited about that as me.