We wanted reach out and tell you that in two weeks time we will be increasing the price of Reason 12. If you own a previous version of Reason, the price to upgrade to Reason 12 will increase from $129 to $199 (£199, €199, CAD259), while the full version of Reason for new users will increase from $399 to $499 (£499, €499, CAD599). Oh, and if you have Intro/Lite, your price to upgrade will go from $299 to $399 (£399, €399, CAD489).

We want to make sure you have sufficient time to buy or upgrade to Reason 12 before the new prices come in effect on October 1st 2021, so anybody on the fence about when to purchase Reason 12, this is it. Seriously, no time like the present!

Reason came out in the year 2000. You know when the last price increase was? Never. For context, that’s:

29 iPhones

5 US Presidents

3 Popes

6 Olympic Games

The Millennium Bug scare

The Higgs Boson

Plus Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, Uber, SpaceX, YouTube, Bitcoin and Tesla ago Phew!

Okay, you get the picture. A lot has happened since we released Reason and set that original price. So why now?

Well the truth is, we want to ensure we can keep developing Reason to be the best it can be and delivering on the features we see you asking for (and maybe even wow you with some you never knew you needed!)

Last week our CEO, Niklas Agevik announced what we’ve got planned for Reason’s future. You can read that here.

Thanks for coming with us on this wild ride over the last two decades. Here’s to many more decades of music-making with Reason Studios.