I’m happy and proud to announce that Reason Rack Plugin is now available as an AAX plugin for Pro Tools!


When we originally envisioned Reason Rack Plugin, the dream was to let everyone discover how inspiring the rack really is. We’re in a place right now where more people than ever use a vast variety of software, hardware, instruments and objects to make music the way they want.

There are elaborate synth caves wired up to one DAW; humble laptops filled to the brim with plugins and sound libraries; professional studio set-ups with a standalone program for every task; home recording setups with umpteen guitars, mics and amps; and many more variations on the theme. With AAX out the door we’re not just celebrating Pro Tools support, we’re celebrating that the Reason Rack can be part of any music making set-up.

But on the topic of Pro Tools, it is amazing to be back! In the early days, Reason and Pro Tools were like peanut butter and jelly (or eggs and kaviar if you’re Swedish): an inseparable duo that complemented each other perfectly. With Pro Tools’ industry standard audio production and Reason’s vast rack of instruments and effects, it made music better all over the world. The AAX plugin makes that easier than it ever was and I’m personally excited to see all the music that will come out of it.

The AAX version is included in Reason 11.3, a free update for all Reason 11 owners. And if you don’t own Reason 11 yet, it’s a great time to get in on the fun!

Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Reason Product Manager