Hello #ReasonGang! I want to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who signed up to help beta test the VST3 support in Reason. Thanks to your help the team is now squashing bugs faster than John Bonham can hit a bass drum. At the same time, we have also been working on M1 and M2 support to make Reason run as fast and efficiently as possible on modern Macs. As you may have noticed, the first part of this work, optimizing how Reason runs with different types of processor cores was released in Reason 12.2.9 already One thing that’s unique about Reason and our Rack Extension-technology is that any existing Rack Extensions, our own or ones made by any of the fantastic developers out there just require a recompilation to work natively on Apple silicon chips. This work has already been completed and we’re happy to report that every single Rack Extension ever made now run natively on Apple silicon chips. As we mentioned in our previous update, we are also working on a new authorization solution that will make the offline support in Reason 12 simpler than today and bring offline support to Reason+. For technical reasons native Apple silicon support needs to be released with the new offline solution, which means it’s coming out sometime early 2023. It’s like when my friend wanted to get me into Meshuggah and made it clear that the songs were part of a bigger whole and I had to listen to the entire album to “get it”. That said, we’re making great progress and have already started a closed alpha test of Reason with M1/M2-support. Once we move into beta, we hope many of you will join. We’ll have more to share about the authorization solution later, but we think you’ll like it: our goal is to bring you the most hassle-free solution in the industry. Boring things like authorization should not hold you back in your music making. So what happens after Reason runs natively on Apple silicon and Reason+ has offline support? Well, lots. During 2023 we’ll keep adding features to Reason 12 to continue making it the best version of Reason ever.  It’s too early to share exactly what we’re working on, but we’ll post an update as we get closer to a release. Does that mean we’re planning for a Reason 13 in 2024? The truth is we haven’t decided yet. For the foreseeable future we’re focused on Reason 12. If you’re not yet on the Reason 12 train, I hope you’ll give it a spin. Happy music making! Best regards, Niklas