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Go A-List with Virtual Drummer

Posted September 4, 2019

One door closes, another opens

It feels like a going-away party for a great band member. Almost exactly three years after A-List Drummer by Propellerhead came to life, the time has come to retire the A-List Drummer and welcome the new-and-improved Virtual Drummer Rack Extension from UJAM!

The transition from the A-List line to Virtual Drummer line is as follows: …


Virtual Bassist by UJAM comes to Reason

Posted April 11, 2019

UJAM Instruments, makers of the world-famous Virtual Guitarist series and A-List partners of Propellerhead, are taking their new Virtual Bassist product line of instrument plug-ins to the Rack Extension format, with the three titles Royal, Rowdy and Mellow, available in the Propellerhead store now.


“Virtual Bassist has been a great success since its launch in December, and for …


How to make a track with BIAS AMP 2 in Reason 10

Posted February 14, 2018

Join Paul Ortiz a.k.a. Chimp Spanner as he shows you how to get started making a track using the brand new BIAS AMP 2 virtual amp designer VST plugin by Positive Grid in Reason 10. Making use of the modular approach in the Reason rack, Paul utilizes both well-known Reason devices such as the Scream 4 Distortion unit as well …

Artist stories

Artist Feature: Key Wane

Posted July 17, 2017

Artist Feature: Key Wane - Beyoncé, Drake, Big Sean

It would be easy to forget when looking at his album credits that Key Wane is just 27 years old. He has the producer/artist roster some work decades to rack up. In fact Key Wane seems to have a knack for not just working with A-List artists at the top of their game, …

Artist stories

Behind the Song: Rock and Roll by Halocene

Posted September 17, 2014

The band Halocene won our recent A-List Song Challenge with their upbeat punk rock anthem 'Rock and Roll'. I was really impressed with the production so I asked the band if they were up for sharing the Reason-file with the community—and they were!

If you have Reason 7 or above, you can download the track and check out how it …