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Algoritm: Explored

Posted March 9, 2021

Algoritm is the newest addition to Reason Studios' range of synthesizers. It's that classic FM synth sound you love, with a modern twist.

Many iconic sounds of the 80s were created using FM synthesis, but why stop there? With Algoritm we've ramped up that technology, so you can create the iconic sounds of the 20s.

Check out this comprehensive video …


Algoritm: How to make patches

Posted March 9, 2021

Algoritm, our new FM synthesizer, is the is the perfect instrument for any intrepid sound explorer.

If you don’t want to dive head first into the depths of frequency modulation, you can still experience the incredible sounds of Algoritm, with over 250 expertly crafted patches.

Watch producer, Bryn Bliska demo the new patch she created with Algoritm and show you …


The design of Algoritm

Posted February 25, 2021

We've tackled many types of synthesizers during the years. Classic analog-sounding subtractive synthesis, cutting edge additive synthesis, feature-packed wavetable and spectral synthesis, granular sound sculpting, and even physical modelling.

FM synthesis, however, has always been an oddball. It's hard to understand, hard to use, and still hopelessly associated with classic but cheesy 80s sounds. The Yamaha DX7 was perhaps too …