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Build your own granular drum machine in Reason 11

Posted March 17, 2020

Grain isn’t just for otherworldly granular synthesis and sound design, it can also double as a drum sampler for a whole new world of audio manipulation and experimentation.

Check out this #ReasonQuickTip video on how you can build your own granular drum machine! And be sure to download Paul's Combinator patch!

Grain is included in Reason 11 Suite.

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Tutorial: Granular Synthesis Sound Design

Posted March 27, 2019

Grain is included in Reason Rack Plugin (VST3).

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Granular synthesizers combine the coolest features of samplers and traditional synths to produce complex sounds you just can’t get anywhere else. The theory behind granular synthesis may be fairly complex, but Reason's Grain Sample Manipulator makes it incredibly easy—and just plain fun—to craft utterly unique textures. …