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Vocal Production and Perfection

Posted March 11, 2006

By Giles Reaves

So you finally finished recording all your vocal tracks, but unfortunately you didn't get one take that was perfect all the way through. You're also wondering what to do about some excessive sibilance, a few popped "P"s, more than a few pitchy lines and some words that are all but too soft to even be heard - …


Recording Drums in your Home Studio

Posted March 10, 2006

By Giles Reaves

Drums are probably the oldest musical instrument in existence, as well as being one of the most popular. Drums are also one of the most basic instruments, having evolved little in concept through the years: at their most basic, drums are anything you strike which makes a sound!

As simple as they are, drums can be difficult …


Tools for Mixing: Insert Effects

Posted March 9, 2006

By Ernie Rideout

In the Tools for Mixing series here at Record U, we discuss a number of useful types of effects and processing in other articles: dynamics such as compression and gating, EQ types such as shelving and parametric, send effects such as reverb and delay, and master effects such as maximizing and stereo imaging. Most importantly, these other …


Tools for Mixing: Reverb

Posted March 8, 2006

By Ernie Rideout

Grandcanyon 255px

Of all the tools we talk about in the Tools for Mixing articles here at Record U, reverb is unique in that it's particularly well suited to make it easy for you to create clear mixes that give each part its own sonic space.

Reverb derives its uniqueness from the very direct and predictable effect it has …


Preparing a Space for Recording (often on a budget)

Posted March 7, 2006

By Gary Bromham

When preparing a space for recording and mixing we enter a potential minefield, as no two areas will sound the same, and therefore no one-solution-fits-all instant fix is available. There are, however, a few systematic processes we can run through to facilitate vastly improving our listening environment.

When putting together a home studio, it is very easy …