• Balance’s Tutorials
    Balance’s Clip Safe Recording

    In this micro tutorial we’re taking a look at the new Clip Safe feature when recording with our Balance audio interface and either Reason Essentials or Reason software. Clip Safe lets you restore distorted takes, saving what could have been a perfect performance if not for the overload. As musicians, once we start recording and […]

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  • Daniel Artist stories
    Daniel Snow

    When Daniel Snow sets out to record he starts out by clearing the dinner table first, not because his mom raised him that way but because that’s where he makes his home studio. Daniel Snow is in many ways the epitome of the modern musician. He records at home in a room that lacks five-figure […]

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  • Jared Artist stories
    Jared Meeker

    From recording guitar with hip hop legends like Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg to touring with Salvador Santana, and even in his own solo albums, Jared Meeker is a powerhouse player with flawless technique and flawless tone. Jared has applied a guitarists mentality to the Reason rack by creating Combinators that integrate with his Line […]

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  • Cyra Artist stories
    Cyra Morgan

    Acoustic singer/songwriter Cyra Morgan is about as new as a debut artist can be. How new? She’s using the same pick she started learning guitar with on day one. She hasn’t changed her strings yet because she doesn’t know how. But these things don’t concern Cyra because she’s soley focused on one thing: Getting out […]

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