• How Tutorials
    How to Use Delay in Reason 10

    Reason 10 features powerful delay and echo processors, and in this article, you’ll learn how to use The Echo to dial in the perfect delay effects for your tracks.

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  • Sparking Tutorials
    Sparking New Ideas with Komplete Select & Reason

    In this video tutorial, Ryan sparks new musical ideas by breaking out of his comfort zone and trying new instruments and sounds.

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  • The Tutorials
    The Echo

    The Echo brings together the best features of crisp digital delay, warm crunchy analog delay, space echoing tape delays, and even loop-based effects. We’ll take a look at the major functions of The Echo and explore a few ways you can use its powerful delay settings in your music.

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  • Getting Tutorials
    Getting Down and Dirty with Delay

    In our tireless efforts to build new and exciting Reason devices from principal building blocks – because A) it’s fun, B) it showcases the modularity and flexibility of Reason, and C) we played with Lego as kids, and never really grew up – in this month’s Discovering we venture into the realm of complex delay […]

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