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Welcome Allihoopa!

Posted Feb. 22, 2016, 9:58 a.m.

Today’s the day. It's February 22nd 2016 and our baby is finally ready to stand on its own two feet. Welcome Allihoopa, Music in the Making. For a year now we’ve been working on our vision of what this planet's music making should and will look like, in the future.

At Propellerhead, we’ve always been driven by one dream and one dream only, helping people make more and better music. Tearing down what barriers we can to let people express themselves. And that work continues. At the same time, we realized a couple of years ago that one piece of the music making puzzle was sorely missing.

Technology has meant the world to musicians. There’s really nothing stopping anyone with a little talent and a lot of persistence to make it in music. Even all the way to the top, if that is what the dream is all about.

Still, in the technological revolution, a few core values have been lost, or at least are sorely missing. Music making is inherently social. Start singing a tune in a room full of people and you’ll see what I mean. And musicians are very different, more different than the tools available today. Some people are obsessed with that one instrument, some only want to write the perfect melody on whatever they can get their hands on. Some have the stage as their final goal while others are happy only to experiment with sounds, late at night in the bedroom. And since the advent of computer based music tools, technology has changed too. Today a majority of young people see a future where everything is done on mobile devices.

In that world, Allihoopa will be the world’s musical hub. We don’t aspire to be a music distribution network, there are plenty of those already. No, Allihoopa is the place where music is made. It’s where you can get a peek into other musicians' creative process, hear their ideas before they’re fully formed, learn from others, get inspired and find people to collaborate with. Be a part of the network for the world’s most exciting and rewarding way of expressing yourself. As we say, Music in the Making.

And today it is born.

If you’re already making music on Propellerhead Discover, all your music is now moving to And for Reason users – you can expect more Reason focus here at in the future.