By now I hope you’ve seen the announcement of Reason+. But what does that mean for the application and plugin Reason? A lot… but also very little. Let’s talk it through!

Press continue to play

Reason+ is the continuation of a journey we started with the very first Reason version. A journey to help more people make the music and sounds they want. Back then it was giving people easy access to otherwise unobtainable studio gear without spending premium money (and premium living space). You could even wire it into your existing setup with ReWire.

Every release since has been a step on this journey, big or small. With Reason 11 the goal was to let every music maker easily access the creativity and unique, idea-generation of the Reason Rack in whatever setup they use. It’s been great to see a huge influx of music makers getting into (or back into) Reason. Today, around 40% of all Reason users are using Reason as a plugin. That makes me really happy, because I think it means more people can use Reason the way they really want to.

Reason+ is yet another big step. At its most basic, a subscription service makes it much cheaper to get started with a full rack of gear, but the big new addition is the sound packs. It’s a constant supply of musical inspiration (and I really do mean constant, there’ll be new packs weekly!). Instead of just delivering a finished sound or sample, you also get the entire device chain for full control over the sound. Simply tweak a rotary to taste, or exchange an entire instrument for another—anything to make it sound like you.

You can’t spell Reason+ without Reason

As much as we’re changing things with Reason+, it’s a commitment to Reason. Offering a service is quite different from a traditional product, in a good way. We have to keep making the service better all the time or anyone can simply choose to stop paying. Since Reason is the product at the core of the service, you can expect that to get a lot of attention in order to keep your attention. That’s super motivating to me, as Reason product manager!

Subscribing to Reason+ is a guarantee that any device or feature we release will show up in your rack on day one. This was something we got a lot of feedback on with Reason Suite. It was unclear if devices or features would be included in the future, if there was a special upgrade path, or if it was a one-time bundle. To make things clearer, we’ve discontinued Reason Suite. Now we can comfortably say that Reason+ is the choice if you want it all.

If subscription’s not your bag, you’ll still be able to buy a traditional Reason license. In fact, we’re currently working hard on the next big Reason upgrade for release later this year which will include the mythical hi-res update and many other really exciting features. We’ll have more to share about this soon! Again, if you’re on Reason+ this is of course included in your subscription.

We’ve also got Rack Extension releases planned. There’s a brand new synth just about to enter beta that I think you’ll love. Here’s a hint: it’ll make you miss PX7 way less. It will show up in Reason+ as soon as it’s released (with exclusive Reason+ sound packs!), but also be available for purchase for non-subscribers.

If you own any full version of Reason or Reason Suite, we’ve got a great offer if you want in on Reason+ right away. Until 27 April you can purchase the 1-year plan for Reason+ for 50% off, giving you access to the above updates and new stuff when it arrives.

Same same but different

So yes, Reason+ is here. For some of you, it changes nothing. For some of you, it changes everything. For many people who’re not even reading this yet, it’s a great way to join the rest of us in the Reason Rack.

And for me? It means I get a chance to be part of inspiring even more people to keep making music, and that makes me really excited to get up in the morning. So let’s make more music happen!

Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Product Manager