Becoming a ReWire developer

We are happy that you are interested in developing applications supporting ReWire, our system for streaming audio and MIDI data between computer applications. Below you will find all information you need to proceed.

For a more technical overview, see the ReWire technical information.

Who can become a developer?

Anyone can register as a developer as long as they are also associated with a company. This means each developer will sign up for a user account and then ask to be included in a previously registered company, or choose to register a new one.

Due to the legal aspects of this agreement, only companies can qualify as developers for Rack Extensions, ReWire, REX2, and Remote.

There are no costs involved. Propellerhead Software will administer the authorization, copyrights, logos, and trademarks. We’ll also provide technical support, free of charge.

Steps to become a developer

  1. Each developer needs to have their own, personal user account. If you do not already have an account, sign up for one here. After you have verified your e-mail address for the user account, proceed to the next step.
  2. Now you’ll register your user account with a company by visiting the Apply page. You have two choices:
    1. Apply for a company that has already been registered with us by clicking Apply for a company. Just fill in the name of your company and click “Apply”.
    2. Register a new company by clicking Register a new company. Fill in all the details, including what technologies you are interested in, and click “Submit”.
  3. When registering a new company, you will also be presented with the legal agreements needed for the technologies you have expressed interest in. These agreements will have to be approved before your company is registered as a developer. Your can apply for additional technologies later on.
  4. New companies and developers applying for existing companies will be reviewed by us and receive an e-mail when the review process is complete.
  5. Success! After your company has been approved (or your user account added to an existing company) all registered developers have access to the developer resources, including SDK’s and other downloads. There is also a developer forum for discussions.

Press materials

Logotypes for our technologies can be downloaded from the press section on our website. These can be used in promotional materials and similar. For detailed information, see the license agreement you approve when registering as a developer.