Reason Limited

How to download and install your new version of Reason Limited

Welcome to a world of creative potential!

Reason has been designed with one goal in mind: to help you make great music.

To get started, simply download Reason Limited for your system by clicking one of these links.

Download Reason Limited

For Mac OS X 10.7 or later - 1.1GB

Download Reason Limited

For Windows 7 or later - 1.1GB

How to activate Reason Limited


Create a Reason Studios account, if you don’t have one already. If you already have an account, sign in.


Click Reason Limited and select 'Reason Limited' as the version.


Please enter the ID and Registration code. These codes are provided to you by the manufacturer you got Reason Limited from. This will put a Reason limited license on your account.


Launch Reason Limited. When prompted for the license number, go to your account page and you will find the number there.

That’s it! You have now authenticated your Reason Limited copy. Happy music making!

Watch these videos below to help you get started

Overview and Navigation 5:45

Using the Mixer 3:34

Recording Audio 6:06

Recording MIDI 5:34