Reason Rack Plugin example projects

These are basic project files showing how Reason Rack Plugin can be added and used in different DAWs. They consist of a drum loop, a bass line with parameter automation and a pad, making use of Players and effects. Download and open them to learn more!

 Download Live version
 Download Logic version
 Download Pro Tools version
 Download Reason standalone version

Reason Demo Songs

These demo songs show a few examples of what can be accomplished using Reason. Please note that the rights to the songs belong to the composers and international copyright rules and regulations apply.

  • Anosou — Rack Disco

    A Reason-themed disc house track showing arpeggiation and heavy use of the BV-512 vocoder. Written, produced and performed by Mattias Häggström Gerdt. Vocoder vocals by Frank Sanderson.

     Download Rack Disco

  • Anosou — Mountain

    'The twin suns shine on the ancient village. Carved out of the red mountain, spirits of an ancient tribe long forgotten still linger here…' This game soundtrack is based on Reason’s included Orkester sound library. Written and produced by Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

     Download Mountain

  • Josh Mobley & Blackjack — What's the Reason

    Music: Josh Mobley, Lyrics: Blackjack, Photo: Mireille Mobley. Thanks to for use of their samples, and Chaka Blackmon for use of vocal samples.

     Download What's the Reason

  • Magnus Frykberg — 700 Dreams

    A dreamy pop track, wrritten and produced by Magnus Frykberg, using Reason Essentials.

     Download 700 Dreams

  • Chaka Blackmon — Purple Ribbons

    This track showcases the Neptune Pitch Adjuster, which provides subtle and not-so-subtle pitch adjustments to the vocals. Written by Chaka Blackmon and Eric Cire. Produced by Chaka Blackmon

     Download Purple Ribbons

  • Nora — Recall

    An electronic singer/songwriter type song, this track features lots of vocals in a rather big mix. Lyrics: Nora Lindkvist, Music: Nora Lindkvist, Linde Lindkvist, Production: Karol Machata

     Download Recall

  • Abiram Brizuela — Evolution

    This orchestral track was created using The Orkester sound library that’s included with Reason.

     Download Evolution

  • BLKMGK — Power

    This HipHop/RnB track features some cleverly cut up and pitched vocals.

     Download Power

  • Cntrl — Metamorph

    A progressive house track from Cntrl that shows some typical production techniques for this genre. Written and produced by Sharooz.

     Download Metamorph

  • JB — Bajo Caida

    A dubstep track that shows clever use of the Blocks mode in Reason’s sequencer. Written and produced by James Bernard

     Download Bajo Caida

  • Qua z mo — I Just Wanna Be

    A HipHop track from Qua z mo that shows great use of the Neptune Pitch Adjuster.

     Download I Just Wanna Be

  • Van Goghs — A Simple Song

    Bass & Guitars. Softube Amps.

     Download A Simple Song