Recording audio with Reason

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Explore new sounds, record your music and mix final tracks—all with Reason

Basic audio recording

Get step-by-step instructions for recording your first audio track with Reason. Check out all the tools you need for recording guitars, bass and all sorts of instruments. And experience the creative flow that only Reason delivers.

Professional vocal mix techniques

Nothing can elevate a beat to sound like a catchy real song faster than a good vocal. But on the other hand, nothing can sabotage an otherwise great beat to sound like an amateur mess than a bad vocal. And sometimes, all that stands between one thing and the other is mix technique. Watch this video to learn some great tricks for better vocal mixes.

Perfect your vocals with Pitch Edit

Perfect your vocal takes with Reason’s Pitch Edit. Easy to use and with a natural, transparent sound, Pitch Edit will let you preserve the energy of a great vocal performance, while fixing any less-than-perfect notes. This video will show you how to create great vocal takes with very little effort.

Reason’s new guitar and bass amps by Softube

Reason features state-of-the-art guitar and bass amplifiers made by pioneering modeling company, Softube. Get a look and listen at what they can do for your tone and tracks.

Mixing with Reason

Take your tracks from good to great just with mixing! Learn about fundamental mixing tools such as EQ, compression, bus channels and more. Plus, hear how each one adds to your overall sound.

Two Knobs That'll Change Your Mixing

Sure, the title of this video reads like classic click-bait but in this case I actually stand by its claim! There are two knobs in Reason's mixer that far too often get overlooked by people knew to mixing. Unsurprisingly, these knobs are seldom overlooked by professional mix engineers and once you learn to use them, you'll start using them just as much in everything you do.

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