Reason by Reason Studios Five ways Reason can help you make more music

How can Reason help you?

Have fun

Making music should be fun. If it isn’t, then what’s the point? Reason users, and the music press alike, have always praised Reason for this simple fact: it’s the music making package that draws you in, the app you have a hard time quitting at night.

Collaborate with others

Great music is born from sharing ideas and getting inspired by others. Reason has collaboration front and center with built in support for the Reason Studios free sharing and music making service. Share music with friends, or with the world. See where other music makers will take your ideas, and find inspiration in music from all over the world.

Work faster

With all the tools you need at your disposal, and with tight integration between all of Reason’s components, you get a lot done. Fast. With less time spent wondering how things work and more time spent actually making music.

Make more music

With its creative flow, inspiring instruments and stellar sound, Reason is the music software that helps you along. That beckons you to finish that song, and start on a new one. When you are pleased with what you create, and have a good time creating it, lots of music is getting made.

Sound great

Top notch instruments and effects, studio grade mixing tools and a huge bank of sounds and presets to get you going. Your creations in Reason will sound like you’ve always wanted them to.

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