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Reason offers everything you need to create professional-
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"The Redrum is all I need for drums, literally."

Key Wane

"People be asking me ‘What sounds do you use?!’ and the sounds in Reason are super crisp. Beyonce, Partition. Ariana Grande, Best Mistake. Drake, All Me. All of these songs are [Reason] sounds."

DJ Pierre

"I start out all my tracks with the Subtractor and the Redrum. For me, the Subtractor is the ultimate bass."

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Craft a melody. Make a beat.

Start your song with Reason’s powerful instruments and modern sounds.

Get inspired with loops + samples

Quickly find the right sounds with loops and samples inspired by your favorite artists and producers.

Polish to perfection

Record and program beats using your mouse or MIDI controller. Add lush swells and filter sweeps to your track. Tweak and tune until your inner perfectionist is satisfied. Reason’s fast and lean creative flow won’t get in your way.

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