Making EDM with Reason 11 

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Reason 11: Software Built for EDM

Whether learning how to produce your first EDM track or re-mixing your latest crowd favorite, Reason has everything you need. Create unique rhythms and melodies with an array of software instruments, effects, loops and sounds. And make sure your tracks are ready for the club with the latest production tools—all with the fun and inspiring flow of Reason.

Use hundreds of world-class synthesizers that have been featured in your favorite EDM songs, like Malström, Thor Polysonic and Europa Shapeshifting synths—free when you download the full version of Reason. What are you waiting for? Download Reason 10 and get started on your latest EDM banger.

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Making your first beat with Reason

Start making EDM music with Reason 11


  • Learn how to use Malström's filter to create sweeping synths and huge builds.

  • Learn how to create hard-hitting dubstep drums.

  • Create electro bass sounds in a flash.

  • How to write unique melodies with Reason.

Meet the EDM & Dance DJs using Reason to perfect their sound


  • Learn how DJ Lucky Date achieves his massive sounds with Reason.

  • DJ / Producer Cookie Monsta layers Malström synths up to make his speaker-rattling sounds.

  • Meet DJ Pierre, the man who invented an entire musical genre—with a single song.

  • Dubstep & grime producer Preditah walks us through his latest instrumental beat.

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