Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Will you give my user information away to other companies?

No! The information that you give us stays here and we will not share anything with any third parties.

What are the benefits of being a registered user?

Apart from reading this nice FAQ, you also get some other goodies:

  • Registered users will be informed about product updates, new products, new site features, events etc by mail (if they want to).
  • Registered users can receive technical support.
I can't log in from my computer. Each time I try I get kicked out again. Why?

It sounds like you have set your browser to not accept cookies. The site needs cookies to work and you will not be grated access if your browser does not accept cookies. Please allow your browser to accept cookies and try again.

Why do you use cookies? I don't like it when other people leave stuff on my hard drive.

Unless you check the option to stay logged in until actively logging out, the cookies we use expire every time you close your browser. We do not leave any information on your hard drive or perform creepy privacy invasion schemes.

I am worried about spyware. Can your cookies be used to gather information for other sites?

No! Our Cookies are used for our login system only, and are not part of any such scheme.

Product registration

When I try to register, I get a reply saying the serial number is not valid. Why?

Please refer to our product registration help article if you're having problems registering your product.

If nothing else works — our apologies! Please contact Customer Care for assistance.

When I try to register, I get a reply saying my serial number is already in use. Why is that?
  1. Have you already registered this licence number yourself? Perhaps to this account, or to a different account?
  2. Have you bought your software second-hand? In that case you'll need to ask the previous owner to transfer the registration to your account for you. See this link for details.
I have upgraded to a new version. How do I register the new version?

If you've bought your upgrade from us in the Online Shop, then we've registered your new licence number to your account for you, so you don't need to register it yourself. If you bought your upgrade from a local or online retailer, then you'll need to register your new licence number to your account. You can do this here.