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Massive updates to Propellerhead’s Flagship Software on the Way

New versions of Reason and Record introduce new instruments, groundbreaking new sequencer mode, pitch correction and voice synth, live sampling and much more.

Stockholm, Sweden (May 28, 2010) – Propellerhead Software today announced it has started beta testing for Reason 5 and Record 1.5. This is the company’s biggest overhaul to its Record - Reason application family so far, introducing new instruments, effects, sequencing and more for composing, beatmaking, loop-mangling, vocal treatment, songwriting and music production.

The new Kong Drum Designer and Dr.OctoRex loop player extend Reason’s instrument arsenal to help you get phenomenal sounding rhythms, drums tracks and beats. Reason 5 and Record 1.5 add a whole new take on sequencing: Blocks—build your songs parts like patterns and string them together for super fast arranging. Neptune, a pitch correction tool and amazing voice synthesizer, turns your less than perfect performance into a great one in no time. Simply play your new harmonies on your MIDI keyboard for instant backing vocals. Live sampling into all sample capable devices means you can work with samples in a new and playful manner and re-explore the lost art of creative sampling. Sci-fi grade multi core optimization, the practical on-screen keyboard and an expanded Factory Sound Bank are just the icing on the cake.

Reason Record Duo feature highlights:

Introducing Kong Drum Designer (Reason)
Load, sculpt, build and tweak your sounds with your choice of drum synthesis, sampling, REX loops, physical modeling and custom-made effect modules for percussion on Kong’s 16 pads.

Dr.REX octuples into DrOctoRex Loop Player (Reason)
No matter how you use it—as a pattern sequencer for loops, or to completely mangle your REX’ed audio – it is guaranteed to inspire.

New Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth Device (Record)
Super flexible high-quality processor to correct and shift pitches, create backing harmonies, formant shift or take your vocals into outer space

Block based pattern sequencing mode makes song creation fast and flexible (Both)
Go from pattern-based arrangements to linear—to patterns again. Take your music beyond the eight bar loop.

Live sampling is back! In the rack! (Reason)
Re-explore the lost art (and fun) of sampling. Every sample player becomes a sampler; record with a single click — further tweak with the built-in editor.

A number of other additions that guarantee to make your music making more fun
Multi-core optimization, on-screen keyboard and expanded Factory Sound Bank, many more too numerous to name.

More info on the upgrades and individual products themselves can be found at:

Pricing and availability

Worldwide availability for all programs will be on August 25, 2010 through all authorized Propellerhead dealers. Upgrades will be handled by local distributors once the new versions become available. All prices remain the same, except for Reason for Record Owners, which will increase by €20/$20.

Record for Reason Owners Sidegrade (includes Reason 5 upgrade) EUR €149 / USD $169
Reason 5 Upgrade from any version EUR € 99 / USD $129
Record 1.5 Upgrade from any version free download
Record Reason Duo EUR €405 / USD $449
Reason 5 EUR €305 / USD $349
Record 1.5 EUR €279 / USD $299

Don’t wait!

Anyone who purchases Reason, Record, the Duo or Record for Reason Owners today will get an upgrade to the new versions free of charge. For more details, visit

About Reason Studios

Back in 1994 three guys in Stockholm figured out a new way to slice loops that changed the way people made music. That was the start of what is now called Reason Studios. We care about music. And we want to help music makers express themselves. We want you to find your own voice – to sound like you.

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