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Propellerhead Announces A-List Studio Drummer for Reason

New Rack Extension Instrument provides a fast, easy way to create inspiring drum tracks

Stockholm, Sweden, March 24, 2016 – Propellerhead today expanded their A-List series with the new A-List Studio Drummer for Reason. Available immediately, A-List Studio Drummer allows musicians to quickly and easily create realistic, inspiring drum tracks at the touch of a button right within Reason.

A-List Studio Drummer combines the living, breathing performance of a top-notch session drummer with the sonic versatility and competence of a professional engineer in a world-class recording studio—all in one easy-to-use Rack Extension. You get virtually endless variations of drum patterns that can be played, combined, and tweaked in real time to create unique, realistic, and inspiring performances.

“A-List Studio Drummer provides a fast and easy way to add a world-class studio drummer to your Reason track,” stated Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager. “Now everyone can add inspiring drum performances to their Reason songs at the touch of a button.” Far more than static drum loops, A-List Studio Drummer provides actual rhythm tracks that will support your musical ideas just like a real drummer would. A-list Studio Drummer delivers 30 styles of rhythm magic, covering most popular styles of pop, rock, funk and soul, amounting to 720 rhythm patterns played on five distinct drum kits giving a total of 3600 loops. With smart scripting driving the loop selection, A-List Studio Drummer will play with your music, knowing where the downbeat is and adding crash cymbals after fills, making drums tracks very easy to create.

With A-List Studio Drummer, creating a drum track is as simple as selecting a drumkit and style, then using your MIDI keyboard to trigger verses, chorus patterns, intros, fills, and stops. A-List Studio Drummer will play along, always in perfect sync with your song. Just like in the real world, the entire kit is professionally mic’d and mixed, with powerful options so you can get the exact sound you want. With complete control and flexibility to adjust tempo, style, feel and phrasing, you can quickly create the perfect performance for your song—or spend time experimenting with variations. The drum kits themselves are also available as individual instruments, and can be triggered by other Rack Extensions such as drum sequencers or arpeggiators.

Watch the A-List Studio Drummer video here:

Pricing and Availability

A-List Studio Drummer is available for immediate download via the Propellerhead store for $99 USD / €79 EUR.

Visit for further details.

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