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Propellerhead Expands A-List Series with Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist

Create authentic, professional nylon string guitar tracks with the intuitive and inspiring flow of Reason

Stockholm, Sweden, April 12, 2017 – Propellerhead Software today expanded their A-List Series with the new Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist Rack Extension for Reason. Fingerpicking Nylon combines the feeling and authenticity of professional classical guitar performances with the intuitive and inspiring flow of Reason, allowing you to create more music and add new flavor to your tracks just by pressing a finger. 

“Nylon string guitar is a staple instrument in everything from classical and world music, to even heavy metal,” stated Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager. “Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist provides 60 unique musical styles to choose from, making it easy and fun to produce professional performances for any project. With the press of one finger, you get great-sounding chords, arpeggios and figures that only the most skilled session guitarists can produce.”

Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist offers a variety of features to inspire your creativity, including:

  • 60 unique styles and 670+ phrases for creative flexibility and freedom
  • Built-in, easy-to-use guitar mixer channel
  • Realistic guitar voicings, dynamics and inversions
  • Premium, vintage nylon stringed acoustic guitar sounds

Fingerpicking Nylon is the fourth member of the best-selling A-List Acoustic Guitarist Series, and puts the sound of a world-class studio guitarist right in your Reason rack. Single MIDI notes trigger chords and progressions, while adding additional notes allows you to explore alternate voicings and patterns. With intuitive, hands-on control over chords, strumming patterns, tonal parameters and more, you can quickly dial in the perfect performance for your song—or spend time experimenting with endless variations. 

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Watch the Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist video here

Pricing and availability

Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist will be available as a direct download from Propellerhead’s website, or from authorized dealers worldwide starting 13th April 2017 at the following suggested retail pricing:

Fingerpicking Nylon A-List Acoustic Guitarist — EUR €99 / USD $99

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