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Propellerhead Offers New Rack Extension Plugin Subscriptions for Reason

Flexible subscription model offers unique way to select from hundreds of plugins at a new low price

Stockholm, Sweden, October 9, 2017 – Propellerhead today released Rack Extension plugin subscriptions for Reason. In addition to Rack Extensions being sold separately, the new Rack Extension subscription offers a unique, flexible way to get the creative tools you need at a new low price. With hundreds of plugins to choose from, Rack Extensions subscriptions lets Reason users curate their own personal set of plugins: find your perfect plan, mix and match instruments each month, and keep on making great music.

“With plans ranging from $9 to $29 a month, the Rack Extension subscription plan will let you pick the Rack Extensions for your musical needs, and update your selection every month as your musical demands change.” stated Filip Carvell, Business Development Manager. “Reason users can now get access and choose from hundreds of new instruments and creative tools from the leading developers at a bargain price”.

Since its release in 2012, Propellerhead’s Rack Extension platform has emerged as a powerful audio plug-in format, with over 100 active developers and more than 200 instruments and effects now available via the Propellerhead online store. Rack Extensions integrate seamlessly into the Reason rack, combining excellent sound, smooth workflows, and rock-solid stability with the intuitive routing, automation, deep editing, and flexibility that Reason users expect.

Once you’ve selected your Rack Extension plan, you have 30 days to enjoy your Rack Extension selection before you get access to new plug-ins.

To learn more about Rack Extension Subscriptions, visit for further details.

Pricing and Availability

Rack Extensions are sold as standalone products or can be accessed via subscriptions from Propellerhead’s online store.

Rack Extension Subscription Pricing Tiers:
Standard Subscription Plan - 9 USD/EUR (Offers up to $400 worth of Rack Extensions)
Medium Subscription Plan - 19 USD/EUR (Offers up to $1000 worth of Rack Extensions)
Large Subscription Plan - 29 USD/EUR (Offers up to $3000 worth of Rack Extensions)

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