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Reason Studios releases Algoritm FM Synthesizer: “Create the new iconic sounds of the 20s”

25 February 2021, Stockholm, Sweden  – FM synths have a reputation of being difficult to program. Today Swedish Reason Studios announces the release of Algoritm, a modern FM synthesizer designed to be more intuitive –and to let music makers create new sounds they never heard before. “With Algoritm we have made FM synthesis easier and more fun. And then we figured, why stop there?” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios.

Algoritm, without an h, is the Swedish spelling of the word algorithm. The name originates from the fact that classic FM synths have preset algorithms, but Algoritm has no such limitations.

“We got rid of both the h in the spelling and the archaic design of classic FM synths, letting you explore FM without limitations.” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface Algoritm is easier to use but still more advanced than its ancestors. Where classic FM synths have four or six FM operators, Algoritm instead has nine operator slots that can host an FM operator, wavetable oscillator, shaper or filter. And the best part is that these slots are freely connectable – giving the user total control over the algorithm. Algoritm also includes a Randomizer function as well as 250 expertly crafted patches, making it easy to explore and find inspiration.

“This is definitely one of our most advanced synthesizers. Still, it is really easy to use. No matter your prior experience, Algoritm will help you sound like you. It can easily recreate the iconic sounds of the 80s – but it can also help you create the new iconic sounds of the 20s.” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

One month ago Reason Studios released Reason+, a subscription service with full access to Reason Studios’ complete array of legendary instruments and effects, Reason's Rack plugin and standalone audio workstation as well as weekly sound packs. Algoritm FM Synthesizer is available to Reason+ users as part of their subscription.

“This is our first big instrument release since the launch of Reason+ and I’m excited to give all our subscribers immediate access. They will also get exclusive sound packs that were created with Algoritm for an extra dose of inspiration at launch. And with Algoritm now included in Reason+, our professional sound designers just got a lot more horsepower for making the weekly sound packs.”, says Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

About Algoritm FM Synthesizer

  • 9 operator slots for FM operators, wavetable oscillators, shapers or filters
  • Freely connectable operator slots for custom algorithms
  • Randomizer function for instant patch creation and morphing

Algoritm FM Synthesizer is immediately available for Reason+ subscribers or as a separate purchase (USD $99 / EUR €109) through the Reason Studios add-on shop.

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Back in 1994 three guys in Stockholm figured out a new way to slice loops that changed the way people made music. That was the start of what is now called Reason Studios. We care about music. And we want to help music makers express themselves. We want you to find your own voice – to sound like you.

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