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Synthesize reality: Reason Studios introduce Objekt Modeling Synthesizer

Stockholm, Sweden, May 11, 2023: Music software company Reason Studios today released the Objekt Modeling Synthesizer, a pioneering new instrument for dynamic, lifelike and easily customizable acoustic sounds. The instrument is available now for Reason, their popular music-making software and plug-in (VST3/AU/AAX).

Objekt features:

  • Open-ended physical modeling synthesis for unique acoustic sounds

  • Dynamic, lifelike, and easily customizable

  • Powerful randomizer for instant variation and inspiration

  • Over 500 included patches

Objekt is a physical modeling synthesizer that reproduces the behavior of real-life acoustic sounds. While most instruments in that category model a specific instrument or hide parameters behind preset settings, Objekt opens the hood on physical modeling, presenting it like a synthesizer. This allows for both realistic reproductions of well-known instruments and the creation of brand-new sounds with an organic character.

Easily create sounds ranging from bells, mallets, percussion, stringed instruments, natural textures, organic pads, and more, making it an indispensable tool for music producers and enthusiasts alike. Being part of the Reason Rack makes Objekt even more versatile, allowing users to go modular with CV and audio connections, play it with Players, or combine Objekt with other devices for the perfect device chain with the Reason Combinator.

"Objekt is the most unique and innovative instrument we've ever made," says Mattias Häggström Gerdt Product Manager at Reason Studios. "It opens the door wide to a whole new world of sounds that simply can't be made with anything else. I recommend trying it and daring to experiment. Where you end up might sound familiar or like an imaginary instrument that doesn't exist. Until now."

Objekt is included for all Reason+ subscribers and can also be purchased separately. It requires Reason 10.1 or later and the included Combinator patches require Reason 12. For more info visit

The regular price for Objekt will be $99 (109€), but for the first two weeks there is a special introductory offer available! Until May 25 you can purchase Objekt for only $79 (87€).

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