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Propellerhead Software Opens ReMote Protocol to Developers of Control Surfaces

Propellerhead Software Opens ReMote Protocol to Developers of Control Surfaces

Stockholm, Sweden - September 7th 2005
Propellerhead Software today announced the availability of the Remote Protocol SDK to manufacturers of control surface hardware. Remote has been introduced with Propellerhead's Reason 3.0 Music Production Instrument software in early 2005. Remote is a protocol for handling communication between control surfaces (MIDI keyboards, remote control devices, etc.) and software applications (e.g. Reason). It handles everything from delivering MIDI note data from a keyboard to the application, to using knobs, faders and buttons on a control surface, for tweaking synth parameters in the application, controlling transport, etc. Remote also supports two-way communication, in order to make use of motorized faders, dynamic displays and LED indicators.

Reason and a Remote compatible control surface make the computer the smart live playing instrument users have been waiting for. Keyboard player Brian Liesegang, currently on a world tour with former Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan uses Reason on a G5 iMac with Remote compliant controllers as his live performance rig:

Now Manufacturers of Control Surfaces are able to create their own Remote codecs. This means manufacturers can add Remote support for their new products without waiting for the next Reason version to be released. Reason 3 comes already with more than 40 supported devices from the world's leading manufacturers. If the third party wishes Propellerhead Software is happy to include the new third party drivers with the next releases of Reason.

Interested Manufacturers can apply for the SDK and receive further information at:

About Reason

Reason is the enormously successful software title for both Windows and Mac OS platforms that emulates a rack of electronic synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and mixing equipment. Reason has been awarded Editor's Choice Awards from Electronic Musician, MacWorld, Remix, Computer Music magazines,, the mipa award for Best Software Instrument and the highly coveted TEC award.

About Reason Studios

Back in 1994 three guys in Stockholm figured out a new way to slice loops that changed the way people made music. That was the start of what is now called Reason Studios. We care about music. And we want to help music makers express themselves. We want you to find your own voice – to sound like you.

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