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Propellerhead Software names Timothy Self as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Propellerhead Software names Timothy Self as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Unprecedented growth leads to expansion of sales and marketing organization.

Stockholm, Sweden - January 14, 2006
Propellerhead Software has named Timothy Self to the newly created position of Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, based at Propellerhead's Stockholm headquarters. Self currently serves as Propellerhead's Director of US Markets, and operates from offices in Northern California.

In his new role, Self will direct inter-departmental strategic and tactical planning for Propellerhead's global marketing programs. In addition, Self will maintain overall responsibility for US operations and continue his role in the company's artist relations program.

Prior to joining Propellerhead Software, Self ran his own consulting firm and held senior positions with Be Incorporated, Opcode Systems and ComputerWare.

Historically, the duties of this newly created position were carried out by Propellerhead's CEO, Ernst Nathorst-Böös. Under the new arrangement, Nathorst-Böös will be able to devote more time to maintaining Propellerhead's remarkable double-digit annual growth rate, while still continuing senior level oversight of product development and future product marketing. The change has no other organizational effects.

"With Reason 3.0’s vast acceptance in 2005, I have found I needed help just maintaining our growth pace," says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead Software. "Tim's experience in growing small media companies should free me up to focus on future strategies and give the Sales & Marketing group a big boost as it ramps up capacity."

As a result of these changes, the position of Director of US Markets will become vacant. The company is actively recruiting to fill this vacancy.

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