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Propellerhead's Reason ignites recent projects from Sevendust and Justin Timberlake

Propellerhead's Reason ignites recent projects from Sevendust and Justin Timberlake

Veteran Audio Engineer/Drum & Keyboard Programmer Viggy Vignola Creates With Reason Both Live And In The Studio

Stockholm, November 16th, 2006

Veteran audio designer, programmer, and drum/keyboard tech, William "Viggy" Vignola, has been toiling in the audio trenches going on 20 years. He got his start as a drum tech working with Whitney Houston, and his career blossomed from there. Over the years, Viggy's worked with myriad of artists ranging from Patti Labelle, Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder, the Spice Girls, Hanson, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Godsmack, Sevendust, Tommy Lee, and most recently Justin Timberlake. He's an avid Reason fan, using it to create loops and sounds, running ReWired to Pro Tools.
He's also using Reason on the road as a sampler for live performing, and it has played an integral part on tours with Sevendust and Timberlake.

Vignola made the switch from hardware to software and loves literally everything about Reason. He's utilizing the Reason sound banks quite a bit, plus endless amounts of Refills. "Hardware can't keep up with software," he explains. "Plus I like to have everything at my fingertips. Using Reason to its full potential, with all its features, I don't need any tricks. It makes everything so simple."

In particular, Vignola likes to use Reason with drummers and percussionists in a live setting. "I take a MIDI controller ex, Ddrum or Drum Kat, and MIDI it to an interface ex like Motu or M-Audio, and then set note numbers to samples and set the latency for trigger response. The assign outputs works great."

Vignola agrees with most that software programs such as Reason will change the way people work and remold the future of music making. "Things will be done a hell of a lot faster and I predict that the use of big studios will decrease."

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