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Labtekwon Makes Reason Official Software Of Blackhead Productions

Labtekwon Makes Reason Official Software Of Blackhead Productions

Hip-Hop's Rising Star Pawns ASR-10 For Collaborative Creative Software

Stockholm, Sweden, March 6, 2007 - A rising star in the underground scene, Labtekwon has shared the stage with some of the hottest hip-hop tastemakers including A Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian, KRS-One, and Digital Underground. With 17 releases to his credit-including 12 full-length recordings on his own Ankh Ba Records-URB magazine called him 'the most eclectic MF to ever emerge from Baltimore." His 1998 full length Nile Child is widely held as an underground classic, landing him in URB's 1999 "Next 100." Public Enemy's Chuck D called him "the Thelonius Monk of hip-hop." Labtekwon's production company, Blackhead Productions, has made Reason its official music software and uses the software in its collaborative production work, requiring only an Internet connection.

Labtekwon adopted Reason in 2004 after discovering not only its sound quality, but the ability to take samples and combine them with high-quality sound modules in the same application. "I had been an exclusive ASR-10 user for about 12 years and before that I used only the EPS 16+ and the EPS," he explains. "When I saw the potential for Reason, I pawned my ASR-10. It was taking up too much space and had too much noise in it. Reason simplifies production, composition and arrangement. Not to mention you can download free Refills online as a registered user. Also, it is the most cost-effective application I have seen. Very slick."

Reason's integration of features, the immense sound library and the compatibility with Pro Tools, make it an obvious choice for him and the styles of music he makes. Reason also allows for a great deal of signature editing of sounds, and allows him to create unique combinations. He says Reason breaks the mold of the 'cookie cutter' production applications. "There is a base amount of default sounds that are more than enough, with an upside for expansion that is off the chain! Whatever I am looking for I can find or make myself. That is the critical factor: options."

He found that Reason simplifies his creation process, allowing for a cleaner production flow, with less time used trying to "fix" noise issues with outboard gear. Once a track is completed, he can pull them up in Pro Tools and remix any tracks if need be using Reason.

Labtekwon's Reason rack is in constant flux, depending on the song and the mood. One consistent factor is Reason's 14:2 mixer. He also makes use of Reason's versatile sound banks. "I really dig the Drums Kits 2.0, Strings, and Pianos. The refills online are dope, too, I use a lot of the stuff, but I am still nowhere close to having used it all. That to me is comforting."

Check out Labtekwon's upcoming album, Population Control: Wrath of the Black Eniggma-done exclusively in Reason.

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