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Keyboardist/Programmer Zac Baird Taps Into Reason With Alt-Metal Band Korn

Keyboardist/Programmer Zac Baird Taps Into Reason With Alt-Metal Band Korn

Reason's Versatility & Portability Allow For Creativity On The Road Or In Studio

Stockholm, Sweden, April 25, 2007 - Keyboardist/programmer Zac Baird is considered like the 'fifth Beatle" in the alt-metal band Korn. He was brought in as a pinch hitter of sorts, to program material for Korn's live shows and for the band's forthcoming eighth release. Previously, Baird worked both on stage and in the studio with acts like Evanescence, Daniel Powter, Everlast and Maimou. Like other musicians looking for a way to become more self-sufficient and produce their own music, Baird discovered the versatile power of Reason for creating music anywhere and anytime he feels like being creative.

"I got interested in being able to produce my own music," recalls Baird, "and when I started looking at what was out there, Reason seemed like the perfect "all in one" instrument that would allow me to illustrate or fully compose my ideas-from melodies to rhythms. I was performing at the NAMM show and got to check out all the new gear and managed to get a demo. That day I knew I had to have it!"

Baird utilizes Reason as both a composition tool for building a very complete demo of a song, to on stage in live performance as part of the track and an instrument in his arsenal. "I would say it's my top 'go-to' program both in the studio and on the stage with all the acts I work with," says Baird. "I've found the Reason drum kits very enjoyable. I also enjoy tinkering with the built-in effects and even the FX Library is good!"

Reason's portability, as well as its versatile format, has changed Baird's creative process, and the way Baird makes music. "I can create my music anywhere if I have my laptop and some headphones," he explains. "Add a MIDI controller and bam! I'm at work anywhere-on the fly. I've been able to keep working on a beat outside on my patio, while the vocalist is inside in the studio tracking, and then just export and import to the session later. Keeping the work flowing is very important when you're trying to stay in that creative mode where and when you get it. It's easy to open Reason on the tour bus or in a coffee shop... you can't always carry your drum kit, string section, mixing board, vintage keyboards and synths!"

Korn's latest CD is a re-release and remix of their seventh studio album, See You on the Other Side, titled, Chopped, Screwed, Live and Unglued. For more information on Korn or on Zac Baird, check out:,, and

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