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Producer/Composer Josh Mobley Parlays Programming/Sampling Expertise Into Music For NBC’s Hit TV Series “The Office”

Producer/Composer Josh Mobley Parlays Programming/Sampling Expertise Into Music For NBC’s Hit TV Series “The Office”

Reason’s Ease of Use, Unique Sound & Sound Library Offers Unlimited Creative Inspiration

Stockholm, Sweden (February 05, 2008) – Composer/producer Josh Mobley has honed his self-taught programming and sampling skills into a flourishing career—peppered with diverse artist collaborations—and has emerged as a sought-after commercial composer for broadcast and film. With the advent of digital composition, Josh developed a keen ability to write emotionally evocative material while always staying slightly ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of studio technology. Hearing Reason for the first time, convinced him that his “hardware days were over.” He currently employs the latest version of Reason to score commercials, create remixes, and write original material for placement in shows including hit NBC TV sitcom, “The Office” and TNT’s “Wanted”, in addition to movie teasers for the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez “Grindhouse” movie.

“Reason’s ease of use, unique sound, innovative and creative songwriting and sound design possibilities, have given me the ability to get ideas down quickly,” he imparts. “Before Reason, I had all of these hardware keyboards and a DAW. I had to constantly keep track of what synth was using what sound. My songwriting was also more linear because I had to make some decisions beforehand about what was going to be in the song because of the limited nature of hardware. With Reason, the process is liquid. I like the fact that I can create multiple lanes for a given track for different sections in the song. Also, the racks and the sequencer are like one instrument, creating an environment where every single setting in the sequencer and synths is saved and instantly recalled upon loading the RNS [Reason’s native file format] file. Reason users don't have to be bothered with those limitations anymore.”

Reason has offered Mobley an unlimited palette of sound libraries from which to draw from—from the Thor patches and drum sounds to Reason’s Drum Kits and Abbey Road Keyboards ReFills, which are two of his favorites along with third-party patches from Stompp, PEFF, and Bitword Wavefront.

So what’s in Mobley’s Reason rack? “EVERYTHING!” he offers.

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