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Producer and Beat Battle Queen, Stoni, Bridges Gap Between Classic Hardware And Contemporary Software Using Reason 4

Producer and Beat Battle Queen, Stoni, Bridges Gap Between Classic Hardware And Contemporary Software Using Reason 4

Beatmaker Creates Custom ReDrum and Combinator Patches for Solo Project

Stockholm, Sweden (June 4, 2008) – Producer and beat battle queen, Stoni, known for outstanding performances showcasing her trusty Akai MPC drum machine and Propellerhead’s Reason software, has become a regularly featured artist on the Remix Hotel event circuit. The Brownsville, NY native has been working diligently on a slew of upcoming musical projects, incorporating Reason as the main tool in her arsenal—as a stand-alone rack, and as an indispensable component ReWired with Pro Tools or Logic as a host program. She’s been able to assemble “the best of both worlds”, bridging the gap between classic hardware and contemporary software tools, and uses Reason’s extensive libraries to create her own custom sounds.

“I combine both hardware as well as software to create what I consider my own sound,” she explains. “What made me incorporate Reason into my setup is the quality of sound that Reason offers me and the flexibility to work anywhere and still get the quality that I am looking for. I have everything right in the palm of my hands—on a plane, bus, or train. Reason has a killer sequencer, synth, mixer, drum machine, and sampler all in one, so when I travel I can actually complete songs on the road and still have the flexibility to bring that work into other platforms. Also, being able to create my own ReFills and sound kits specifically for Reason makes it easy for me to manage my libraries and sounds.”

The biggest difference she’s experienced in her workflow is that, having the ability to recall all of her work without worrying about which sound card was used or what piece of gear the music was created with. “When I save my work in Reason, everything is right where I left off.”

Reason’s Factory Sound Bank is a constant source of inspiration for the beatmaker. “I love the Factory Sound Bank because when I’m stuck creatively I can always go it and find some great sounds that inspire new ideas. The possibilities are endless with the combination sounds that Reason provides.”

While she finds endless resources in Reason’s built-in sound libraries, ReGroove and ReFills, she’s also in production to create her own custom ReDrum and Combinator patches to be showcased on her forthcoming album currently in production.

So what’s in Stoni’s Reason rack? “EVERYTHING!” she laughs.

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