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Pantheon – New ReFill From Nucleus SoundLab available in the Propellerhead Online Store

Pantheon – New ReFill From Nucleus SoundLab available in the Propellerhead Online Store

Stockholm, Sweden, January 13th, 2009 (ictw) – Propellerhead expands their range of carefully selected ReFills from third party producers in their online store with Nucleus SoundLab’s latest sound library for Propellerhead Reason: Pantheon. Pantheon is a massive collection of infinitely tweakable sounds, making use of Reason's Combinator and Thor devices' full potential.

With over four hundred patches, ranging from physically modeled drum kits, dirty filter FM basses, majestic pads and heavily sequenced chord patterns to pristine bell tone layers and futuristic lead arpeggios, electronic musicians of all stripes will find Pantheon instantly inspiring.

Each Combinator patch is fully documented, with detailed notes on its design as well as performance suggestions. Not only will this help owners make better use of Pantheon, it will teach each designer’s advanced techniques used to create the patches.

Pantheon is available as a download from the Propellerhead Online Store today, at USD $49/ EUR €49.

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