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Drums. Bass. Hook. Done.

Dive right in with an easy to use virtual studio filled with premium synths, sampled instruments, effects and sounds. What music will you create?

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Turn your ideas into music with Reason’s arsenal of instruments. Play, tweak, mix and combine as many of each as you can possibly want.


From subtle touch to outright sonic mayhem – color your music with Reason’s broad selection of effects.


Reason Lite comes with a powerful sound bank with tons of sounds to get you going with your music making.

Reason’s workflow

Just like the real thing

Reason’s interface looks and works just like physical music equipment in a massive studio rack. So while you’re working away on your next song, you also learn music production. You can even flip the rack around and re-route any connection to your liking.

  • Recording

    Record your vocal or instrument performances with ease in Reason’s audio sequencer. Just plug in your guitar or mic and record. Reason’s easy to use editing tools will help you get everything right.

  • Sequencing

    Record and program MIDI and automation, tweak and tune until your inner perfectionist is satisfied. Reason’s fast and lean creative flow won’t get in your way.

  • Power of 8

    With Reason Lite you can record and sequence up to eight tracks. If your projects gets bigger than that, you can upgrade to the full version of Reason with unlimited tracks and much more at a discounted upgrade price.

  • Expand your palette

    Use your favorite plugins with Reason Lite. Add any VST instrument or effect, or explore the world of Rack Extensions–plugins tailor-made for the Reason Rack.

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