Rigs 4

  • Huge collections of 90+ hand-picked Rack Extensions designed to maximize your rack and your music.
  • 215+ video tutorials get you the most out of your Rigs.
  • Hundreds of custom made patches for the included devices, crafted by expert engineers and sound designers.
  • Shop best-sellers bundled together, resulting in dramatic savings and even more dramatic sounds.
  • You choose which Rig suits your style of music and how you want to supercharge your Reason rack.

Popular Rack Extensions

  • NEW! ModularRE Multi-Effect Processor
    Red Rock Sound presents a new form-factor for the Rack Extensions - rack in the rack. A complete solution for any audio signal type, whether it be drums, vocals or a synthesizer. ModularRE supports 6 modules: two compressors, two equalizers, a De-esser and a Colorizer.

  • NEW! Selig ColoringEQ
    The Selig ColoringEQ Rack Extension provides advanced professional EQ and Filtering tools for mixing and mastering work, as well as offering many inspiring saturation options for production and sound design. From subtle euphonic EQ/saturation effects to dramatic filtering and distortion applications, ColoringEQ covers them all while keeping things simple by using a familiar interface: EQ!

  • Softube FET compressor
    There’s a reason FET compression has been a studio standard for almost 50 years. For drums, vocals, bass, guitars, synths... you name it, it simply sounds incredible through the FET Compressor.

Popular Rack Extensions

  • NEW! Euclidean Rhythms
    Euclidean Rhythms is an algorithmic rhythm player for Reason. Generates interesting, inspiring rhythms based on the ancient Euclid algorithm. Creating beats with Euclidean Rhythms is fast, easy and fun. By tweaking just a few knobs in real-time, or using automation or CV, you can get almost endless variations and inspiration for your tracks!

  • NEW! Umpf Club Drums
    The Umpf Club Drums Rack Extension is a next-level dance music beat creation device that delivers everything you need to make banging electronic beats in Reason. Easily create pumping, club-ready drum tracks—ready to drop in any song. Umpf Club Drums comes loaded with custom patches made by producers Cari Lekebusch, Shadow Child (Dave Spoon) and more.

  • Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer
    Blamsoft, creator of the VK-1 Viking and Zero Hybrid synthesizers, knows DSP and the Rack Extension SDK inside and out. eXode, maker of top selling refills, knows synthesis and sound design backwards and forwards. It’s a perfect team to bring you something big, a synth that pushes the Rack Extension platform to its ultimate potential. Introducing Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer!

Popular Rack Extensions

  • NEW! ProjectSAM Orchestral Sampler
    Orchestral Sampler offers a powerful selection of instruments taken from ProjectSAM's renowned Symphobia Series. With string, brass and woodwind ensembles, and a selection of common orchestral instruments, Orchestral Sampler gives you the tools to start composing your own movie score.

  • NEW! Reason Drum Kits
    Reason Drum Kits is a collection of expressive, lively, and realistic acoustic drum kits that make it easier than ever to create the drum track your song needs. Choose from a large selection of vintage and modern drum kits recorded at legendary Atlantis Studios in Stockholm.

  • Softube Spring Reverb
    Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable Shake control that will shake the virtual springs around for those thunderous spring effects. Get some recognizable character in your mix with the Spring Reverb!