Backline Rig 4

You can’t beat the whirr of a rotating speaker, the tines of a classic electric piano or metallic resonance of a classic spring reverb.

Don’t let the name mislead you. The Backline Rig is at the forefront of your sound. If you believe that music is at its best when it’s made on organic instruments, played through boutique amps and processed with the right amount of valve warmth, then the Backline Rig is about to bring the retro into your rack.

A carefully selected collection of keys, drum libraries, strings, classic effects and much more make up the Backline Rig’s powerful toolset.

But tools without knowledge will only take you so far. That’s why the Backline Rig includes 3 hours of instruction from Ask Video and hundreds of Combinator patches for the included devices to give your music the sound of your favorite vinyl records.

High-quality video content provided by AskVideo

  • 27 Plugins
  • 4 ReFills
  • 80 Videos
  • 370+ Presets


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  • An Introduction to Backline Rig 1:12

  • DC9 Overdrive 2:54

  • A-List Power Chords Electric Guitarist 04:21

  • NEW! ProjectSAM Orchestral Sampler
    Orchestral Sampler offers a powerful selection of instruments taken from ProjectSAM's renowned Symphobia Series. With string, brass and woodwind ensembles, and a selection of common orchestral instruments, Orchestral Sampler gives you the tools to start composing your own movie score.

  • NEW! Reason Drum Kits
    Reason Drum Kits is a collection of expressive, lively, and realistic acoustic drum kits that make it easier than ever to create the drum track your song needs. Choose from a large selection of vintage and modern drum kits recorded at legendary Atlantis Studios in Stockholm.

  • NEW! Reason Electric Bass
    A powerful Rack Extension that delivers everything you need to easily create dynamic, responsive, believable bass lines in Reason. Quickly find the right sound with an arsenal of meticulously sampled vintage and contemporary electric bass guitars. Reason Electric Bass is the ultimate tool for laying down the low-end—guaranteed to get your feet moving, whatever your genre.

  • NEW! Umpf Retro Beats
    An innovative drum machine packed with everything you need to make bangin’ old-school beats in Reason. Quickly create 80s, Retro Pop and Synthwave style beats using samples from the dopest drum machines of the 80s and 90s. Loaded with fresh sounds, legit effects and radical editing tools, Retro Beats is the illest beat creation device ever.

  • NEW! Granada
    Soundiron's Granada 49 is a vintage 49-key analog synth from the 1970s. This early portable synthesizer was originally manufactured by Fesma, a little-known and now-defunct Italian organ maker. Rare and highly sought-after, little is known about the origins of this instrument, though the instrument's classic wooden exterior echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and early 1980s, during which time the instrument is thought to be produced

  • NEW! The Animus Shimmerverb Ensemble
    Inspired by the classic 80s effect originally created by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, by pitch-shifting a long-decay reverb and applying a high feedback, you can create a shimmering pad that sits under the original signal. The effect is particularly useful on decaying sounds, such as pianos and guitars, yet can be used to create interest to any input audio.

  • NEW! AC-1 Acoustic Clapper
    AC-1 is a sample-based handclap player with built-in rhythms that enables you to quickly add great and realistic sounding handclaps to your song. With full control over the number of clappers, how hard or sloppy they clap, and close/room mic balance, this is the go-to device for all your acoustic handclap needs!

  • NEW! Maia Synthesizer
    Meet Maia, a synthesizer full of soul. It can be an emotional instrument or a furious beast, depending on your mood. Elegant sounds from organic and timeless sources, Maia’s Dual Synth Engine generates iconic synthesizer textures and ethereal melodics through a versatile dual synth, a dual step sequencer and a multi-effect unit.

  • NEW! Amplifikation Caliburn Guitar Amp
    An amp simulator inspired by Britain's Marshall Amps crafted using current 3rd generation modeling technology, resulting in a satisfyingly responsive feel.

  • NEW! Beatmaker DOPE
    Think of Beatmaker DOPE as your friend who works at the local record store and has been digging through classic records for the past 20 years to create the most authentic drums and grooves you could ask for, but on top of that is also great at mixing.

  • A-List Studio Drummer
    Intro, verse, breakdown, chorus - that’s how we as musicians tend to think about our music, and that’s how you can create dynamic, human-feel drum tracks with A-List Studio Drummer. Select your desired style and play your MIDI keyboard’s white keys for progressions through verses and chorus patterns, playing skill optional!

  • A-List Power Drummer
    In-your-face, raw and powerful, this is one A-List drummer that will kick your tunes into high gear. As versatile and musical as a live drummer, as easy to use as a software instrument, A-List Power Drummer helps you quickly create driving, dynamic drum tracks.

  • Pop Chords A-List Electric Guitarist
    Add studio grade rhythm guitar to your music! A-list Electric Guitarist Pop Chords combines the creative freedom of working with a top-notch performer with the accessibility and ease of use of using audio loops. Play chord progressions and select your rhythms from your MIDI keyboard – it’s both easy and inspiring to use.

  • kHs Comb Filter
    The Comb Filter hollows out the sound by carving out frequencies at each multiple of the base frequency, like the teeth of a comb. It's also possible to process left and right differently in a way that not only gives a wide stereo effect, but also collapses right back to the original signal when mixed to mono. Nifty!

  • kHs Distortion
    Ever since mankind invented music, there has been a desire to make it heavier. Distortion can take your sound from zero to sword wielding hero in seconds. 5 different distortion shapes are available to add a tinge of edge or rip things apart. In stereo, if that's what you're into.

  • Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist
    Add living, powerful electric guitar to your songs with A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords. Play one-finger chord progressions from your MIDI keyboard and have full control over playing styles and guitar sound, from upbeat pop to heavy metal. With A-List Electric Guitarist Power Chords, creating unique and professional-sounding guitar tracks is dead easy.

  • A-List Acoustic Guitarist
    A-list Acoustic Guitarist combines the realism of sampled loops with the flexibility of a live instrument. With over 600 rhythms easily playable from your MIDI keyboard, you’ll be laying down unique and professional sounding guitar tracks in no time.

  • Kuassa Vermilion
    Fully customizable guitar tones start out in a beautifully modeled pre-amp head and it only gets more powerful once you start choosing your own combination of cabinets, microphones, and even mic placement.

  • Ryan Greene Alt Drums Vol I
    High energy punk and rock needs hard hitting drums. Treat your tracks with this great collection of sampled drums by industry leading record producer Ryan Greene.

  • Radical Keys
    From jazz to trip hop or from rock to pop, everyone relies on the sound of keys in their sound. And if you can imagine the most unique and vibey sound, you can now make it too.

  • Re-Tron
    The Beatles single-handedly launched an entire decade of musical experimentation with the Mellotron and now GForce Software has single-handedly brought the faithful original to Reason.

  • Revival
    Revival is happens when you take the sound-shaping approach of draw-bar organs, mix it with the sonic possibilities of modern synthesis, and provide a suite of custom tuned effects.

  • NEW! The Art Of Brushes Vol 3
    The most expansive of the popular 'Art Of Brushes' ReFill series! Featuring a host of classic snare drums in 6 different recording sessions. Vintage Slingerlands, chrome Ludwigs and maple Gretsch snares were just a few of the drums used for this in-depth collection.

  • Zampled Euphonic Strings
    Over 6,300 lovingly recorded 24-bit samples create some of the best strings you've ever heard in Reason. This refill includes basses, cellos, violas and violins as separate sections as well as full string sections.

  • AutoTheory
    It’s like having a music theory expert sitting over your shoulder helping you while you play. Regardless of your musical background, AutoTheory helps you create melodies, harmonies, and even advanced chord progressions.

  • Softube Tube Delay
    While digital delay and tape delay have their place, nothing sounds quite like vintage Tube delay. And nobody models it better and more faithfully than Softube in their insta-vibe masterpiece.

  • Softube Spring Reverb
    Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track. It also includes novel features such as a fully automatable Shake control that will shake the virtual springs around for those thunderous spring effects. Get some recognizable character in your mix with the Spring Reverb!

  • Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser
    In the late 70s a phaser effect with a special feedback path and completely unique sound arrived in studios and instantly became a classic. Forty years later, it’s still a classic in your Reason rack.

  • DC-9 Overdrive
    That legendary green stomp box your guitarist friend couldn’t live without has now been circuit modeled for the Reason rack, taking the whole schematic into account for unparalleled realism.

  • Backline Rig ReFill
    The Backline Rig ReFill you get hundreds of instrument patches, Combinator patches and demo songs tailor made for your Backline Rig bundle by leading producers and sound designers.

  • Mix & Mastering Rig 4

    Mixing and mastering engineers are some of the most passionate and demanding people about the signal chain their sounds pass through. Shouldn’t you be too?
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  • Synthetic Rig 4

    If you’re the type of music maker who finds inspiration from the unique characteristics each synthesizer imparts to the creative process, then we’ve sure got some inspiration here for you.
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