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BASSGRID Total Bundle

All BASSGRID Devices


  • • Superior & Unique BASSGRID Rack Extension Devices
  • • 4 RE Devices, 9 Master Sections, 56 Effect Modules
  • • Level-up Your Reason Game with This Insane RE Pack

Audio examples

Get the entire BASSGRID artillery including the Superb all-in-one studio effect - Terminal Master Effect, the Super-creative 3D Mixer - Mutation Collider as well as the Must-have PRO Filter X1 and the Insanely Creative Free-draw Advanced Pattern LFO - the LFX-XP!

Included in this bundle

  • Filter X1
    Filter X1
    SALE $15.00 $25.00
    A Perfect Reason Filter | STUDIO GRADE FILTERS | 3 FILTERS WITH 8 FILTER TYPES EACH | INTERACTIVE DISPLAY CONTROL | A must-have PRO filter station for every Reason Producer! Filter X1 goes way...

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  • LFX-XP Advanced LFO
    LFX-XP Advanced LFO
    SALE $19.00 $25.00
    Advanced Pattern LFO with Free-draw Display, Your Creative Controller Secret Weapon! DRAW YOUR OWN LFO | GET USABLE EFFECTS QUICKLY | PATTERN CONTROLLED MODULATION | UP YOUR LIVE ACT GAME |...

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  • Mutation Collider
    Mutation Collider
    SALE $25.00 $49.00
    Start a New Era of Mixing and Creative Sound Design! With X/Y Control Over 4 Audio Signals With ONE MOVE! | NEVER SEEN UI | 3D MIXER | STEREO IMAGER | MUCH MORE | Collide Audio Signals in 3...

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  • Terminal Master Effect
    Terminal Master Effect
    SALE $49.00 $129.00
    The Ultimate all-in-one studio-grade Effect Suite for Creative Effects, Sound Shaping, Modulation and Mastering is Here 18 EFFECTS 4 MASTER SECTIONS 38 MODULES IN TOTAL Terminal is a...

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