Completely Unfiltered Bundle

Creative Effects

Unfiltered Audio

  • • Renoun Modulating Reverb
  • • Yoko Band-Splitter
  • • G8 Dynamic Gate

Get the complete set, our nigh-holy trinity: Renoun Modulating Reverb,
Yoko Band-Splitter, and G8 Dynamic Gate.

Included in this bundle

  • G8 Dynamic Gate
    Noise Gate
    G8 is a high-quality noise gate with many advanced and useful features, including CV control over everything, Hysteresis, a Reject Output, a Flip Mode, and more. Without a doubt, G8 is the most...

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  • Renoun Reverb
    Modulating Reverb
    Renoun is a Reverb that goes beyond simple reverberation. Deep modulation options and full CV control result in a rack that will make your tracks stand out in ways you’ve never expected. Use...

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  • Yoko Band-Splitter
    Frequency Splitter
    Yoko is the essential tool for creating unique multiband effects within Reason. It splits an audio signal into low, mid, and high frequency bands, each equipped with gain control and stereo...

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