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Elements Delays Bundle

Delays for days

AirRaid Audio

  • • Elements T-Delay
  • • Elements G-Delay
  • • Elements S-Delay

Elements Delays brings together the three delay devices from our Elements Modular series. Each device is a built on a unique engine and offers a singular range of delay effect possibilities.

Included in this bundle

  • Elements G-Delay
    Grain Delay
    G-Delay is the definitive dynamic grain-delay device. It combines an all-new granular engine (featuring frequency, pitch, and spray controls) with an assignable envelope follower, which can be...

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  • Elements S-Delay
    Dynamic Stereo Delay
    NEW WITH THIS UPDATE: Sexier back panel design with a clearer layout for easier cabling. Various minor tweaks and bug fixes. S-Delay is a versatile delay unit which integrates seamlessly into...

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  • Elements T-Delay
    Modulated Stereo Delay
    NEW IN 1.0.1: Bug fix: the device no longer occasionally crashes. Inspired by a device from another popular DAW, T-Delay is a fully-featured tape delay effect which integrates seamlessly into...

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