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Equation Bundle

It is mathtastic

The Chronologists

The three powerful math units comprising the Equation Bundle

  1. CMD:Equation
  2. CMD:Constants
  3. Equation Junior

Included in this bundle

  • CMD:Constants Number Generator
    CMD:Constants generates six channels of constant numbers at either audio or CV rate. The constant may be modulated via CV or MIDI. A perfect companion to Equation and Equation Junior, or any other...

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  • CMD:Equation Math Module
    CMD:Equation brings the power of mathematics into the Reason rack! Combine up to four audio and/or CV inputs (plus some important constants) into an equation. WIde variety of unary functions and...

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  • Equation Junior Math Module
    Equation Junior is more than CMD:Equation’s little brother. Designed for maximum efficiency, he’s for those synth designers who will be needing to instantiate dozens of these powerful...

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